Thursday, September 30, 2010

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When studying Salvation, it is important to consider all scripture before concluding whether a "Christian" can lose or forfeit their salvation. It is scripturally clear that God has completed the sacrifice for which salvation is granted, for all of God's work is perfect and complete. But, the question still arise whether Christians can lose their salvation? It is blasphemy to abuse the sacrifice of the cross, and belittle the grace for which we all have been saved by continuing to live in self indulgence and sin. For, a "genuine" Christian, resembles the work of God's hands, his mercy, his love, his humility, his character, his likeness, his image and of course his spirit. When considering this issue, we must understand fully that a "Christian" is one who believes in his heart and confesses with his mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord (governor, ruler, king) and that he resurrected from the dead (Romans 8). This confession is not simply a dictation, or a verbal declaration, for even demons will confess this, but an internal working of faith which has been proportioned by God, working through the circumcised heart of a believer. If in true, "Jesus Faith", has settled within the heart of a believer, God and angels rejoice and the Holy Spirit immerses the believer in his truth. This eternal work shall not be damned by doctrine, but fulfilled by truth. For a Christian, who has been filled with the Holy Spirit, will bear the fruits of the Spirit. This is denoted in the word "fellow" or "fellowship". Throughout scripture we can see that God calls us "fellow workers", or that we may have "fellowship" with him or other believers. This word is rich in depicting the importance of remaining in Christ, for God sees our divine relationship, through the scope of us remaining in fellowship with him. For a "true" Christian is one who has forfeited his worldly relationship, for a divine one. This, in turn, will assure and secure his eternal reward. You can not have true fellowship with God, and still come out looking and acting like the world. But, of course, this is finally revealed through time, and God will certainly judge the thoughts of the heart.

Food for thought, What is the difference between a sheep and a goat?


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