Friday, May 28, 2010

Who is robed with eternal majesty, and sustains the world in his right hand? Who stands as the author of life, and is named with the name that is above every name? Jesus, the Son of God, clearly is perfect in all his ways, his righteousness is the standard of eternity, and his humility is the framework for greatness. He will never perish, and stands as the Lord of time, he reveals the mysteries of the unknown, and the love which binds the universe together. He is unchangeable, and is the fabric of truth. Infallible, incorruptible and everlasting are his Words, his teachings and his life. He is the source of life and through him creation was established. He holds the keys of heaven and earth, hedes, and the storehouses of heaven. The rains waters the earth, and he dresses it with dew, he replenishes his creation with his spoken word. At his command, the death will rise, and the winds will stretch the earth from a breathe of his nostril. He forgives the sinner, and establishes the saints. His love is eternal, unalterable, and ageless. Christ is immutable, he is God the eternal.


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