Monday, May 10, 2010

This question, is one of the many questions that has haunted billions of citizens throughout history. It is a question which demands a clear answer, and the answer is "yes"! The Bible, for thousands of years has been the "cornerstone" of faith, the moral handbook of life, the governing principles of empires, the chronically recorded evidence of history, and the life changing power of God. These inspired texts have outlived every book, every poem, every government and every enemy. When considering it's authenticity, the Bible has been found to be the most accurate in history, the most supported by events, the most trusted by scholars, the most used by academic institutions, the most inspiring by its believers, readers, eye witnesses, and martyrs who were willing to give their lives for the uncompromising message and infallible context by which it was designed. The sixty six(66) books of the Bible, when viewing it under a microscope, has been comprised of 40 authors of every vocational background over a period of 1500 years. It's continual "story line" or message is a symphony of perfection which can only be orchestrated by a perfect author, and that author is God. For thousands of years, the canonical systems which were designed to scrutinize the Bible's authenticity, have bowed down to it's authoritative authorship and has accepted the Bible as "our rule of life". These stringent systems consisted of thousands of supportive evidence, manuscripts, translations, local church acceptance, approvals, subject, content, and the supernatural ability to inspire, convict, edify and correct. The Holy Scriptures has passed everyone of these canonical systems and has given the ruling framework and name of what we call today the "Canonical Books" or "Bible".


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