Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank you Jesus for our friend and counselor the Holy Spirit.

For what would we do without the person of the Holy Spirit? For he (Holy Spirit) is one of the reasons why Jesus ascended to the highest heavens so that each one who believes in the Son of God can receive his indwelling. You have been brought by the Blood of the Lamb, but have been filled with his spirit. The sign, and permanent residence of the spirit (breath) of God living in a believer is the seal by which we know that "salvation" has been eternally given and granted. What beauty, what enormous love that God would fill us with his breath, as he did the moment he created Adam. The "Ruah" (spirit, breath) of God filling us in our inner man, to be made in his image and likeness (Christ). For we know now, that we are "in" him, and he in us, and we are one with the father because of his spirit and Son.


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