Our "Covenant Ministry" is an exciting way for married couples to refresh themselves in the Word of God and re-establish the biblical principles on which their marriages are based on. All of our couples will be inspired to relive their convenant vows and experience the newness of life which will empower their relationship.

Premarital Courses

Want to get married? Well our convenant ministry helps those seeking to get married prepare themselves spiritually before making an eternal convenant with their love one. We offer classes on the biblical principles of marriage, healing, dating, forgiveness, and faith. All of our convenant classes must be scheduled a minimum of thirty days prior to the marriage ceremony. This will give both party's ample time to prepare and set themselves apart for this life changing experience.

It is required that both members complete all sessions of the course and participate entirely to all projects and readings to ensure a successful start on their journey in Holy Matrimony. Certification of completion will be granted to all couples who successfully complete the convenant courses. These certificates can be used to meet state and all legal pre-marital requirements.

Please note certain fees, requirements and legal criterias may apply. To register for your pre-marital classes today, please complete call 786-529-IAMM (4266).

Officiating Weddings

Invite God's presence to your wedding ceremony, and begin your holy covenant with his blessings. Our licensed ministers are available for counseling, guidance and spiritual support to assure that the officiating of your wedding be performed in a respectful and sacred manner.

We at IAMM love weddings, and believe that it is the most sacred ceremony between a man and a woman. If you are interested in hiring one of our ministers to perform your wedding, it is a requirement of our ministry that you participate in our "pre-marital course seminar" prior to your celebration.

For more information please follow the instructions below in our "pre-marital class certification" section of this page.


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