This page focuses on mapping out the spiritual growth and maturity of each believer who desires to attend our Church and the courses he/she will take in developing their lifelong call. 

Step 1: Discovering my New Beginning – Knowing Jesus Christ

Receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
Water Baptism
Three Month Course: Discovering my New Beginning Class 
Discipleship Covenant

Step 2:  Church Membership 100 – Connecting with Body of Christ

Meet Membership Requirements
Take “The Connect Membership Class 100” 
Membership Ceremony
Membership Covenant

Step 3:  Discovering Rooted 101 – Growing in Doctrine & Spiritual Maturity

Learn the Fundamental Truth (Statement of Faith) of our Church
Establish our Church Doctrine
Fundamental Ministry
Maturity Covenant

Step 4:  Discovering Rooted 201 – Growing in Character & Integrity

The forming of a Spiritual Leader
Answering hard questions about your character flaws
Spiritual Gift Exam
Discovering my Ministry 
Cell Ministry Covenant

Step 5:  Discovering Rooted 301 – Growing in Warfare & Spiritual Gifts

How to Minister?
Learning about Spiritual Warfare
Exercising your gifts
Evangelism & Outreach
Missions Covenant

Step 6:  Discovering Rooted 401 – Serving and Expanding the Kingdom

Discovering my Life Mission
The Hard Facts about Ministry
Leadership Covenant

Step 7:  Discovering Rooted 501 - Fulfilling "The Great Commission"

Studying “Ministry Obstacles”
Lessons from Wisdom
Churchology & Chairology   
Church Planting   
Ordination Covenant