What is a Life Group?

A Cell Group is a small group community of two to twelve members (2-12) who meets to cultivate a strong bond of fellowship, and who actively seeks to build a relationship with God. The focus of each Cell Group meeting is to encourage each member on the maturity of worship, edification, and application of the Word of God through a one on one discipleship program.

These Cell Group meetings effectively help build relationships and families. The actual Cell (Coffee House) becomes the meeting place where the community, friends, and family experience the love of Christ, and individuals are imparted with sound biblical principles and values.


A gathering of the Cells for a Sunday Worship Celebration helps join each cell group together as part of the larger Body (Church) and provides corporate worship, teaching, fellowship and prayer.


Every member should be growing in discipleship by being mentored and mentoring someone else. This provides rapid growth at all levels of Church and Christ maturity. Mentoring helps to fulfill the biblical mandate for all Christians to be equipped for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11,12) and multiplies the discipleship process down into the cell. The result of all-members being equipped for ministry is a natural lifestyle and discipline that we should all seek.


A disciple is someone who has received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Who believes in the Holy Word of God and who applies its principles and teaching to every aspect of life.


All Cell Groups have a Cell group leader or mentor. The mentor is available for one on one discipleship, counseling, accountability, prayer, and support. Cell group leaders are chosen by the Pastoral staff and are equipped and certified with sermons, questions and answers, and tools to help in the discipleship process of each member.


Cell Groups are a great opportunity to establish great relationships in our communities and reach out to the lost, the least, and the last. Our goal is to reproduce ourselves in each member of the body and allow others to experience the love, grace, and power of Jesus Christ through intimate cell groups (Coffee Houses).


1. We value that Jesus Christ is the center of all we do corporately and personally.
2. We value the Godhead (The Father, The Son , and The Holy Spirit – The Holy Trinity)
3. We value the Word of God.
4. We value fellowship.
5. We value the Breaking of Bread (Communion).
6. We value Prayer .
7. We value Commitment.
8. We value that each member will take responsibility for their personal holiness and growth in their walk with Christ.
9. We value that each member will help in the advancement of the Kingdom of God by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in cell groups and out in the public arenas.
10. We value that each member will practice the sacrificial love of Christ.
11. We value the building of relationships both within and without the cell groups to help build our communities.
12. We value Honesty and Integrity.


We currently meet three times a week at our posted cell groups and Sunday's for corporate worship, fellowship and prayer. If you are interested in more information about our ministry's mission, purpose and/or opportunities feel free to contact us by "clicking here". May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Joy be found in you abundantly!