We welcome all participants who are interested in following through with their relationship in Jesus Christ to become a member of our Church. Currently we offer two "new membership" orientation classes per year and invite you to register for these courses. You will be rewarded with a "membership certificate" after the completion and participation of these fundamental workshops. You will then be introduced to your newly found brothers and sisters in Christ at our annual business meeting celebration held on February of each year. Below are the ways in which you may become a member of IAMM and the steps that should be followed after announcing your faith:

1. Accept Jesus Christ as your very own personal Savior.
2. Announce your faith in one of the three categories:

     i. Candidate for Baptism
    ii. Christian Experience (already baptized by immersion)

3. Complete New Members Orientation Classes.
4. Receive the Right Hand of Fellowship at our annual business celebration.

New Member Orientation Classes

The mandatory New Member Orientation Classes must be completed in consecutive order and must be completed before receiving your right hand of fellowship at our annual business meeting celebration. New Member Orientation classes may be completed online for prospective new members under specific circumstances, e.g., work out-of-town, scheduling conflict, however approval is required.

After completing your orientation and accepting the "Right Hand of Fellowship" we welcome and encourage you to:

1. Become involved in Stewardship by serving and by giving
2. Become involved in Fellowship by serving in the Small Groups Ministry
3. Expanding your discipleship knowledge by taking an in-depth course on mentorship and discipleship (Rooted 101/102).

To Register for Membership please click below:

IAMM Membership Covenant

On this day, our brothers and sisters in Christ are declaring before heaven and earth and the brethren, their commitment to Christ and the Unity of the local and global Church. They are committing themselves to live in love and compassion, in kindness and humility, gentleness and patience. To tolerate one another and forgive one another until Christ comes.

On this day, our brothers and sisters are committing to holiness and consecration to the Lord. To preserve the sound doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to fulfill the vision of this church.

On this day, our brothers and sisters are confessing their allegiance to Christ and to his Church; they have been baptized for the forgiveness of their sins, and are committing themselves to live out the fundamental principles of our Church and her doctrine.

On this day, our brothers and sisters are committing themselves to protect the presence of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the church and in their homes. They are committing themselves to submit to the biblical authority of this Church as instituted and ordained by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

On this day, our brothers and sisters are committing to give of their love, their time, their talents, their gifts and of their resources to build, lift and sustain the work and the Kingdom of God in this Church.

On this day, our brothers and sisters are committing to live, persevere, teach, preach, and witness of the salvation of every man and woman, boy or girl by the precious blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary. Helping disciple new believers in the faith, and inviting the lost to the house of the Lord.

On this day, our brothers and sisters are pledging to devote their lives to the reading and studying of God's Word together, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to praying together. Working to stimulate one another to love and good works, gathering and encouraging one another continually to serve and to Worship.