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Apply biblical principles and establish biblical priorities to see the Mighty Hand of God in all your situations.

Hello, and thank you for making I AM Ministries your Church family. We at IAMM  know how difficult things can get when you and your family are trying to serve the Lord. We understand that situations, relationships, and lives can be affected by the shifting of times and seasons. That is why your Pastors have designated time during the week for you and your family to share some of your concerns, and see what the Bible says about your situation.

For God clearly says in Jeremiah 29;11 "I know the plans I have for you , plans to prosper you and not to harm you."  This is God's ultimate plan and desire, that you find hope in every situation, and that you learn biblical principles and applications to attain your greatest potential in this year of destiny.

We at IAMM believe that "healthy individuals" lead to "healthy relationships" which eventually lead to a "healthy Church" and community.  So, it is important for our Church to see you living in victory, freedom, and prosperity in all aspects of your lives.

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