Here is a wonderful opportunity for neighbors across Miami, and abroad, to participate in a community event which will be held every Thursday at  7:30pm at Country Village Park (on the corner of Miami Gardens and NW 67th Avenue).

The purpose of this event is to cultivate and build healthy communities both spiritually and physically.  Currently, we have three  countries participating in this effort, as they are also meeting in groups of 7 to 15 persons every Thursday in Mongolia, Honduras, and Colombia. Currently we have over 100 participates coming out every Thursday to walk. We encourage everyone to invite individuals, organizations, and businesses to personally come out and meet their neighbors in an single effort to minister, associate, socialize, and develop strong community relationships and support groups.

Below you will find more detailed information regarding this event. See you there :)


In the spirit of developing the culture of service in South Florida and building a healthier community, I AM Ministries Church is inviting individuals and Christian organizations to take back our cities for Jesus Christ. If you desire to lose weight, walk, assist, or even hope to join a great support team; we invite you to participate in our "Walk 4 Jesus Walk-a-thon"  It is our purpose to spread the message of "health and faith" so that every participant can achieve and promote physical and spiritual freedom.

Networking, promoting, as well as creating the culture of service through the power of collectivism and acts of service toward our own community parks are just some of the ways we intend on building a healthier community family.

Healthier Community:

Our goal is to engage people locally and abroad through social networks, partners, community centers, ministries, businesses and even municipalities in one purpose and effort to help achieve physical and spiritual freedom. This will help every individual to achieve personal discipline and dedicate at least 1 hour every week to walk for a cause.

We will be issuing certificates and awards for those who join and complete the goal, in good faith. Every individual is required to walk 100 miles within a period of 4 months, and submit their efforts (miles) in our event platform or online registration page. Each individual will have his or her personalized profile page so that the rest of our walking community can see your progress and be encouraged. This will help us keep close records of everyone’s achievements and fulfill our goal.

It is our goal to recruit over 100 walkers to participate each week. Walkers will include members of I AM Ministries, local community, online followers, and local organizations who are part of our social network.

Walk for Jesus Chapters

If you want to learn more about how to become or develop your own local "Walk for Jesus Chapter" in your neighbor feel free to contact us at 786-529-4266.

We will be happy to give you all the materials and workshops necessary to help you build "faith & health" in your community. There is a minimal fee of $75.00 to enroll your organization, Church, or chapter in order to cover operational costs.

Culture of Service:

Walking is not the only way we intend on cultivating community!

We are also focusing our efforts to create a network and data base of committed individuals, companies, civic groups, and neighborhood associations and inspire them to volunteer their time and resources to help their "local parks department".

The acts of service (Acts of Random Kindness - ARK) may include clean up, beautifying the parks with tree planting, help maintain natural areas, play basketball with disabled children, help coordinate activities for seniors programs, or any other task suggested by our own participants. The goal is to contribute to our community’s well being, and build a strong community support through collective efforts as we work toward one goal - "health and faith".

Event Info:

Name: Walk 4 Jesus Community Walk-a-thon.
Time: Every Thursday at 7:30pm until.....
Location: Country Village Park (on the corner of Miami Gardens and NW 67th Avenue)
Registration Fee: $25.00
Duration: Quarterly & Annually
Facebook: facebook/walk4jesus


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