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"Ruach. As a man needs oxygen to breathe, so the soul needs worship to live."

The tender heart of worship is a heart that embraces the Lord Almighty and enthrones him at the seat of one's soul. Giving homage to the Lord in spirit and in truth is a believer's ultimate expression of love, humility, and respect. There is absolutely nothing that replaces the heart that yearns for his presence and literally experiences it. For worship are the reason we serve, minister, fellowship, and sing. Worship is it!!!

Worship will turn the heart of a sinner to God, and an old saint into a child. We at I AM Ministries International are passionate about pursuing worship in everything we do and preach. For the songs, praise and moving lyrics of our worship team is a simple expression of something deeper that is birthed at the core of our heart and soul.

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Please recall that Christ saved you from sin, and has blessed you abundantly through his grace. For he is the head of the Church, and he is dressed in Glory. For what name has been given under heaven and earth that is greater than Jesus Christ the Lord and King of all!

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