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Sounds of My Writings: Discernment

The "gift of discernment" should not be interpreted as the "gift of prophecy". The gift of discernment helps a believer weigh in on those things hidden from the natural eyes. It is provided to guide, protect, instruct, and correct in the ways of Christ.

Discernment speaks of the current condition, not the final condition, of those we serve. You can be a sinner today, and a saint tomorrow.

Prophecy "taps" into the sovereignty, vision, and plan of God. It is not influenced by the emotions and will of men. It will divinely speak, reveal, and proclaim things to come according to the order and plan of God!

Revelation 19:10

At this, I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "Don't do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus."

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