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Sounds of My Writings: Commentary on Thomas Jefferson Statement

Thomas Jefferson –“The Bible makes the best people in the world.”

The forefathers of this wonderful country had made some profound statements that are worth studying.  For it is beautiful to see, the driving force behind their lives, their faith, and their labor. Thomas Jefferson stated the following; “The Bible makes the best people in the world.”. Looking closer at this statement, it inspired me to write about what could he have possibly meant.

Thomas Jefferson clearly gives testimony (testifies) of God's awesome power to make, and change people's lives through the living Word of God. In spite of all books, Jefferson strongly considers that the Bible has the ability to positively impact an individual's life and make him/her into the "best" moral citizens of the world. This clearly reveals the active, abiding power of scripture not just as a governing "authoritative" handbook, but one which is alive and active improving in the wholeness of mankind and making for a better world. In his reflection, you can see that his eyes have considered the whole scope of life, not mere "nearsightedness" but rather - he universally testifies of what his eyes have seen and what his heart has considered. A true visionary, and a true Christian! He is now one of my respected hero's.

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