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Sounds of My Writings: Interpretation of Scripture?

Interpretation, as defined by the bibliology text, states that interpretation is subject to "the individual's understanding". It is vital to take into account that our understanding can easily be determined by internal as well as external influences. Most of the time culture, age, morals, values, emotions, academic training, opinions, and a number of other elements can easily form the framework (paradigms) by what we determine to be true. Our interpretations may vary from culture, place, and even time, but the truth is God-breathed and eternal. The Lord clearly states in his Word "your ways are not my ways, and your thought is not my thoughts." When receiving "revelation" God normally extends the borders of your paradigms and reveals the truth which will ultimately catapult you into a greater understanding of God's nature, plans, purpose, and message. Thus, freeing you from your own limited knowledge. Inspiration, on the other hand, as defined by the bibliology text states that inspiration is "the accurate recording of God's truth". This recording is an integrative work of God, working with and through man, to record without error his (God's) unveiling truth, a truth which is always accurate, authoritative, and revealing.

In other words, interpretation is subject to error, but revelation and inspiration are eternally true and God-breathed. Coming from the very heart, breath, and nature of God.

Proverbs 3

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