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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Lord please give us the faith of Noah and his wisdom so that we may continue to believe, and do your work as you designed it in these last hours.

For we have given everyone a voice, and altars have been erected throughout every street corner so that your voice could no longer be heard. The hearts of man has truly grown weary, stricken, and hard with unbelief. Strengthen the humble, the innocent, the broken, and the pure - and do not cover your ears to their prayers.

For we have truly erected images, and have immortalized smiles throughout every arena. We have forgotten our first love, and have fought for purposes for which only you can avenge. We have exalted our might against your power, and have decided to do things in our own way. How can the blind lead the blind, when your sacred people are stumbling with their “probe cane”?

For only You can do something now, for our lamps have run dry without oil. And our light has become like darkness to you.

We are sorry Lord.

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