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Sounds of my Writings: Who is in Command?

Who is in command? and why do they speak that way as though they are praying? They shout boastful words and even point their fingers facing up when their knees should be bowing down. They believe that screaming is a means of getting my attention, not knowing that a simple whisper in humility echos louder than a thousand trumpets in my ear.

Ain’t I the one who knows the thoughts and needs of men even before they ask? For I stood upon the face of the waters and commanded earth and it’s function. I have given you commandments for living, and you have not followed. I have commanded armies and you have not surrendered. I have commanded love, and you have hated. Am I a genie, a magician, or puppet that you can command a false blessing upon your dry land.

Didn’t I say “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways than I will hear from heaven and shall heal their land”? So why is my house so desolate with pride, and the prayers of the mighty grown silent and dim even while many pray?

For I encourage you to light the lamp with fresh oil and trim it’s wick so it can burn brightly again. Know that I have attempted to get your attention, while you have tried to provoke mine. For confidence in knowing that I am near, and not far and I am the commander of the host of army, so neither I am for you or against you. My will shall be done.

So, Follow My Commands.

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