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Course Disclaimer

This premarital course education has been designed and created by licensed and ordained professionals to address the needs of heterosexual couples. If this educational resource does not meet your premarital or marital needs you are still welcome to access the course material and/or be referred to a qualified provider who could better assist your needs.



Is this Course Covered in my State?

This premarital course certification is valid and required before attaining your marriage license in the following states: Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. You may also take this course for personal use for any other State requirements - nationwide. 

Is this Course Refundable?

Sorry, but since our courses are intellectual property and covered by our Copyright Infringement Policies We Do Not issue refunds.

Is this Course Protected by Copyright Laws?

Yes, it's unlawful to make any reproduction, copy, broadcast, or distribution of the material offered throughout this course without the written consent of our licensed professionals, providers, and/or affiliates.


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