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Our representatives are ready, and capable to assist you in helping you transmit and attain your Marriage License in the State of Florida. Call one of our representatives today!

Marriage License Made Simple!

Do you want us to do the process for you? It is our mission to build healthy marriages and families therefore we have simplified the way couples apply for their Marriage License for just $49.99 per couple


You will have access to your premarital course material for certification, and with your authorization, a representative will process and submit your Marriage License Application and schedule an appointment with your County Clerk of Court at the completion of your premarital course certification.

Simply arrive at your Clerk of Court for your appointment with your required documents and pass the legal vetting process and you should receive your Marriage License the same day. Sign up for this package deal today!


  • Certificate of Premarital Course.

  • File the Marriage License Application with the County office.

  • Obtain an Appointment with the County Clerk of Court.

  • It is mandatory that the couple appears before the Clerk of the Court on the date granted by the County Clerk's office.

  • Have the option to schedule a Civil Wedding on the same day with the Clerk of court after attaining your Marriage License. (Varies from County to County)

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