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Premarital Course Syllabus

With the challenges facing marriages throughout the United States, we have thought it best to prepare these courses with topics that generally test the sanctity of the marriage covenant. You will intentionally experience some "high points" and some "low points", but all with the complete assurance that you will have received a sound Faith-based perspective on Holy Matrimony and the preparation needed to make it work.

Our professionals have put together an interactive course which covers a variety of topics such as:

1. Course Introduction
2. Why are you getting married?
3. What is Love?
4. Giant called Divorce
5. Love Languages
6. Seasons of Marriage
7. Compatibility Survey

8. Parenting
9. Financial Stewardship

10. Sex & Intimacy
11. Wedding Tips

12. Certification

Marriage is not only a lifelong journey but the second most important decision you will make in your life. Whom you will marry and whom you will share your lifelong experiences will ultimately affect your present and future lives. So get your pen and paper together and begin your journey through this course, 4 hours of your time can change your life.

Course Syllabus

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