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Covid-19 Course Policies

In order to secure the safety of our couples and staff, our ministry has decided to provide our Premarital Courses online for all of our potential clients who may continue to need our services and course certification.  We have contacted all  County Courthouses in your state to inform them of this benefit to their residents.  If you are in need of a Premarital Course Certification feel free to contact one of our representatives today to find out about the available options we provide. 


We currently offer our Virtual Instructor services as well as a Self-Paced Premarital Course for those couples who prefer to read and view our course materials online. Call today at 786-529-4266 if you are in need of additional information. A ministry representative is available to answer your questions. 

County Clerk of Court Marriage License

Most counties within your state now require that you register for an appointment with your county clerk of courts before going to process your marriage license.  Due to the health safety of all employees and couples your county clerk will no longer accept "walk-ins". You may register for your appointment by clicking the link provided and registering online.


Certification Pickup

If you have made arrangements with our course instructor to pick up your Premarital Course Certification it is important that you arrive at our ministry office with your face covered and maintain a 6-8 feet distance in order to avoid any contamination or spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Certification Postal Delivery
It is important to note, certain counties do not accept printed copies of your certificate. Therefore, it will require that we mail you your original certificate to present to your County Clerk of Courts. Make sure that you schedule yourselves appropriately for this delay. It will take us approximately 3-5 business days to forward you your original certificate via USPS.

Certification Delays

It is our advice that you begin your process as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute to begin the legal process of attaining your marriage license. All too often, we have experienced couples procrastinating on the legal paperwork while preparing for their wedding. Remember, your marriage is not legal until your wedding officiant and witnesses properly sign your original marriage license.


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