Do you need a Wedding Officiate?

We love weddings and believe that it is the most sacred ceremony between a man and a woman.  We encourage all of our participants to invite God's presence to your wedding ceremony so that your marriage covenant may begin with his blessings.  Our licensed ministers are available for as low as $99.95 for counseling; guidance and spiritual support to assure that the officiating of your wedding is performed in a respectful and sacred manner. 

Speak to one of our representatives today!

Want to Renew your Vows?

If you have been married and would like to renew your wedding vows with your loved one we would love to help.  Invite God's blessing to your marriage and find new strength for the rest of the journey.   Feel free to contact one of our ministry professionals to schedule a time and date.  We are here to assist you. 

Benefits of using our Officiates

1. Ordained & Licensed Ministers
2. Receive Spiritual Coaching and Support
3. Wedding Planning & Rehearsal
4. Friendly & Compassionate culture
5. Cost Friendly

Contact us before hiring!

Call and speak to one of our ministry representatives to find out more about hiring one of our licensed ministers to officiant your wedding ceremony at 786-529-4266.  Please have your wedding dates and demographics information available before calling. Thank you. 

South Florida

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Congratulations on your wedding plans. We encourage all of our couples to Invite God's presence to their wedding ceremony, and begin their life long marriage journey with his blessings.



Central FL

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Our officiants are available for counseling; guidance and spiritual support to assure that the officiating of your wedding is performed in a respectful and sacred manner.



Virtual Wed

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Looking for a new way to gather your family across the globe to your wedding? Our ministers are now available to perform your virtual wedding in God's presence. 




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