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Reflections: Acknowledge Presence

In the presence of a multitude, it is easy to recognize the beautiful faces, the candid personalities, and the intellect of many. To sit or stand in the assembly and notice the good of people, the accolades of their achievements, and the passion that drives them is commendable.

But, there is something that is irreplaceable and necessary for the success of any endeavor, and that is the audience of one. When God recognizes you, and you have recognized God in the privacy of your quiet place, in the hallways of your soul, and in the public square of the multitude - is monumental.

Just like we all desire to be recognized at times by our audience, or that at the least have left an impactful print of our presence. So too, does God desire that his creation recognizes him. Acknowledging God will shift and align the trajectory of any cause.

Acknowledge His Presence, in your life!

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