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Reflections: Promise

There is a promise that God would not only comfort us during difficult times, but that he would use what the enemy of our souls means for harm, and turn it around for something good. I continue to feel this immense painful loss when thinking about the tragedies of this past weekend. I don’t know if I am mourning because of the scenario in which this tragedy occurred, or I am mourning thinking about what the families must be going through. It could also be the vast exposure I’ve had over the years to mass tragedies. But, I believe we can safely say it is painstakingly sad.

I’ve thought was it his passion, his excellence, or his determination that captivated me. Or simply perhaps his own humanity, overcoming the many obstacles of life - in itself. Perhaps it’s the way he resided in my living room even after I’ve preached my heart out the past decades, or it’s the achievements of pushing and reaching the summit of life.

Whatever the case or cause, I trust that in God’s immense sovereignty he is looking down at this world with great compassion. Hoping in some way to trigger once again our humanity, and wake us up to our inevitable destiny. With all the crazy and twisted news we hear on every platform nowadays, I still believe that this tragedy will cause even the most calloused hearts to turn into flesh.

As we speak, nothing is outside the reach of God, and these are the times that he is predisposed to embrace and show us his mercies and his goodness. Hold tight your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, your church members, and even the Cross. Kobe did, why can’t you and I! Come to the cross of Christ today and be comforted by God.

Photo of Kobe courtesy of an unknown photographer.

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