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Reflections: Riptides of Life

Have you ever felt yourself drifting deeper and deeper into the riptides of hopelessness and despair? Have you recently struggled with staying afloat amidst the waves of doubt?

More and more people from all denominations and walks of life are beginning to sense the immense of something big happening, and fear is beginning to paralysis the purpose of many. I encourage you that in these times you and I hold dear the Word of God close to our hearts.

Let no strange news, message, or doctrine drag you into the riptides of life. Don’t allow for the social media outlets to become your bibles and your altars.

Congregate, fellowship, and anchor yourself in the Word of God. For Christ is our fortress and a strong tower, and the righteous run into him, and they are saved.

Stay away from the riptides of life, and if you find yourself already there - swim back to God’s truth. He will calm the seas!

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