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Sounds of my Writings: A Silent Shaking

Earthquakes are happing all around the world with more frequency than ever before. These earthquakes are a sign of what is happening not only in the world, but in the Church, in our communities, in our nation, and in the heart of every believer and non-believer.

Whether high or low in the “Richter Scale” (richer scale) it’s happening. This silent shaking has a divine purpose, where the motives of man will either draw them closer to God or further away to their idols. Where the finger of Almighty God is already drawing a line on the sand, and asking on which side are you going to stand?

This silent shaking comes with a purifying purpose. Like gold processed through a fire, all the impurities must be revealed so that you can do away with what is spotted, blemished, or wrinkled in your life. Sometimes the Lord will use the circumstances around your life, trials, pains, suffering, difficulties, persecution, tests, and the likes (Not Facebook) as an instrument of fire. You feel the sting, you feel the heat, you feel the tremors, you smell the stench but eventually, and hopefully what comes out on the other side is pure.

Find it not strange if your thoughts are consuming you if you are uncomfortable if your motives are being exposed. If you do not like what you see, deal with it, and do away with it as quickly as possible. A shaking is happening, get on the right side.


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