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Sounds of My Writings: Ad Hominem

Ad hominem: an argument that attacks the person who holds a view or advances an argument, rather than commenting on the view or responding to the argument.

One of the most controversial topics of the Church or Kingdom today is whether homosexuals or individuals who are attracted to the same sex should be welcomed or outcasted by the Church. For many years, I have seen denominations, brothers in Christ, and even Clergymen argue their viewpoints on this issue. Some take an aggressive stand against allowing homosexuals to even enter the Church premises yet others are inspired to consider "What would Jesus do" or rather "What did Jesus do". I am sure I can list hundreds of verses that defend both reasoning and arguments yet I have learned that the Word of God is both gracious and lawful, it is perfect and infallible, the Word of God is used for correction as well as edification.

Submitting personal opinions to a matter, and exalting the Wisdom and life of the Word of God above all reproach is a clear mandate in the Fear of God (Wisdom). We can sit for thousands of years and argue back and forth about this matter, but I have witnessed with my own eyes the Power of God transform the most wretched of sinners into a Saint of God. Reverencing God's sovereignty, mercy, and love and leaving room for the Holy Spirit to convict, to work, and to sanctify are critical in the process of Salvation and Sanctification. Let's all be responsible for our walk, for our purpose, and for our own Salvation and in the midst help others in the process. Oops did I just commit "Ad hominem". :)

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