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Sounds of My Writings: Breaking the Spirit of Poverty P1

We would like to begin by encouraging you to sit back and take a moment, a moment to identify any area of your life where you may be struggling and/or wrestling with a lack of God's provision. It could be in the areas of your finances, relationships, un-forgiveness, emotional health, mental health, or something as simple as self-control or enjoying a level of peace. If you can identify with any of these symptoms we want to welcome you to the ranks of those who may be suffering from a spirit called poverty :)

We want you to know that "poverty" takes on many forms, even some of the wealthiest people in the world suffer from a lack of spiritual and emotional stability and even at times mental health. The information that we will be providing is to diagnose and solve this reality with the truth of the Gospel. This is not a prosperity message, but rather a Gospel message that God wants to see you prosper as much as your soul prospers. So put on your hats and take this journey with us as we indulge in the battle to rid ourselves of this spirit called "poverty".

The very first step in breaking the "Spirit of Poverty" is to identify that "Poverty" is not simply a lack of finances, material gain, or a lack of mental stability, it is a Spirit. There is an entity, which the Bible states, desires to devour the blessings of your family, your children, and your children's children. I do not want to seem overly spiritual, but if we disregard this first fact, that there is an entity who desires to steal, kill and destroy your dreams, your hopes, your faith, and even your finances we are blind of the truth that will set us free. As a Pastor I want you to know that there are external forces working against you trying to disrupt your effectiveness in the Kingdom of God and the opportunity to bless others. I say all this not to bring fear to your hearts but to strengthen you in the truth that some of what is happening to you may not be the fault of your own. In later lessons, we will be discussing attitudes, behaviors, and habits that can lead to poverty, but at this moment we want to address the truth of our adversary.

I have seen throughout my many years in ministry that many of God's greatest generals within the Kingdom of God will struggle, if not face this enemy named poverty. It disguises itself as self-pity, righteous sacrifice, and even takes the form of self-denial. There are many times when these excuses become our reasoning to embrace or make sense of what is happening to us while serving God with all of our hearts and even with our finances. As a Church Planter, my wife and I know very well what it is to empty out our accounts and live within our means for the sake of the Gospel. We understand what it means to not enjoy a simple meal at the local fast-food restaurant because we didn't have the means to even provide. I, myself, have faced this enemy and I would like to encourage you to do the same. My purpose for this post is not to impart a spirit of self-pity but to recognize and cause you to wake up. There are struggles and/or patterns that you must recognize and become resiliently angry about. The Word of God states that people perish for lack of knowledge. Receive this knowledge today and break the spirit of poverty in your life. Remember, only the truth of Christ will set you free. And the truth is "Christ became poor so that you may have life and have it more abundantly!

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