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Sounds of My Writings: Culture and Scripture

There are two immediate cultural ingredients that come to mind when considering what we should or should not uphold in today's culture in regards to scripture. Please understand that not upholding it physically (culturally) does not mean that is should not be upheld spiritually. The sacrificial offering of animals for the forgiveness of sin was a command or ordinance of God which was upheld by the nation of Israel which may have been culturally influenced, therefore commanded by God. This act was transcended and spiritually adjusted through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ), we understand as believers that the ultimate sacrifice and price paid was that of the Beloved Son of God. The sacrificial offering of animals in today's culture or spiritual climate can easily be viewed as apostasy as to the sacrificial redemption plan of God.

A second cultural ingredient may be that of tithing commodities. In North American Culture, there is a limited group of individuals or communities which practice agriculture. Tithing goods such as fruits, or lambs are very rarely seen in today's churches. For we understand that monetary tithing or offering is equally respected and received by the Lord because it is the means by which he provides for his people in different cultures like our own.

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