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Sounds of my Writings: Eternity, My Home

Why do I think about you? I feel as though I am young, but something draws me to you. A place where peace and the absence of noise are found. Your whisper can be heard louder than a thousand drums in my ear, awaiting my arrival. I long for you as a bride long for her bridegroom, to see the handiwork found in your secret place. That room that my Master has prepared for me, awaits its child. And, I’m coming home soon dad, I love you.

I once was afraid of you and was taught by many of the elders that you were always part of the story. But, I feared you until I found love. Until he who has made you His dwelling place, extended his arms and hands to transform my heart about many things. If only my children and those I cherish and served can come to this same gift of understanding provided by His grace. To know how deep, how high, how long, and how wide His love is, it will set them also free from the fear of you.

There is a set time, a set place, and a set of events that will lead me to you. But, all I ask is that when that moment comes I can be found worshipping like the patriarchs of old. That my song may rise, my praise is heard, and my worship is felt by the one who created me. As the echo of my voice turns silent, and the branches of my arms wave. Let the remembrance of my presence be as a fresh wind to the trees I left behind in this vineyard called earth. Eternity, you are my friend and my destiny.

A place I shall call home.

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