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Sounds of My Writings: Eternity with Christ?

Decisions, for each day I am reminded that we are a by-product of our decisions. For scripture states "Today you have the right to 'choose' life or death." If ever, we as human beings had an opportunity to consider our eternal destiny it is now (today). For each day we make decisions regarding our future, our children, our vocations, our families, our marriages, our food, our insurance policies, and even our bank accounts. How important is it to consider these finite things, without ever considering those things which are eternal and infinite. For everyone who chooses life over death, Christ over material gain, truth rather than self philosophy, and love over hate have a wonderful opportunity to invest in their eternal destiny. Knowing, and resting on the trustworthy statement in scripture that says "For anyone who believes in their heart and confesses with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and resurrected from the dead shall be saved".

For securing your resurrection in Christ, is as important, as life itself. For there is an appointed reward for those who acknowledge their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Imagine a place of pure splendor, majesty, righteous government, where the abundance of life (not materialistic gain), the joy of the heart, the purity of soul, the everlasting harmony of God and man, and where peace shall reign far from disease, hurt, pain, sorrow, or illness exist and dwells. For in the eternal presence of God, there is an abundance of life and joy. Could you see yourself there, would you see yourself there, and could you choose to be there. So choose.

Food for thought; "It is better to live life believing there is a God, and later find out that there was none, then to live life believing there is no God, and later finding out there was one!!" This is not based on scripture but found it to be trustworthy of reflecting on. :)

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