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Sounds of My Writings: Evil Today

Those who have eyes will see. And those who have ears will hear.

If you look around you, if you tune into the media coverages, if you simply visit some of the local Churches, stop by your small businesses, or visit your neighbors' house, you will be amazed to find that demonic activity is very prominent. They do not tangibly manifest as a "horny" red caped entity. But, are found in the subtle behaviors, conducts, and doctrines, embedded within a worldly system, that "sells" you dreams for truth. If we were to conduct surveys about the physical, mental, and spiritual condition of families throughout different cultures, we would be utterly amazed at the percentage of illnesses, pride, traditional influences, idolatry, mental & physical handicaps, wicked, unclean, and self-indulging conditions of citizens throughout the world. Demonic activity (demons), clearly are devising strategies and assisting in plans to preach a system of peace, wealth, prosperity, oneness, without Christ. Jesus has become another commodity, rather than the Son of the Living God.

Another traditional entity, rather than Savior and Lord. These influences and the veiling of his deity thwarts the sovereignty of our God and is in direct line with the opposing forces of demons which want to hinder his work. Take into account this question "even as believers, are we promoting and selling a ministry, the name of a Church, the book of a man, or are we promoting & proclaiming Christ?" Just something to think about.:) It is that subtle.

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