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Sounds of My Writings: Gospel or Doctrine?

Many of the differences that we find throughout the history of Christianity has been formed by the interpretation of "What is Truth". For denying the deity of the Holy Spirit can be considered blasphemy, and we must all be careful as stewards and students not to diminish, belittle, nor add or take away from the truths and works of Almighty God. There is a place in the study of his Word where revelation, inspiration, and unwavering truth is found in "balance" to the nature of God. It is not the kind of truth that confuses, but a truth that frees us to indulge in his nature, character, and Word. Overstating, or elevating the Holy Spirit can also be dangerous, for we find that many of the issues found in the pentecostal and charismatic movement of the early 70's led many astray from the Gospel and opened a world of problems to "new revelation", or additional scriptures. There isn't new revelation aside form his Word, for we only live by everything that proceeds from the "mouth of God" and not the mouth of "man". Let us rest ashore that there isn't anything new under the Sun, and that the revelation of his perfect Word is what we should lean on.

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