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Sounds of My Writings: Holy Priests

It is in the everlasting love of God “The Father” that we as believers become heirs of a Kingdom of Holy Priests. A blessed group of elected individuals who were predestined to be conformed into the image and likeness of his perfect Son (Jesus Christ). His eternal hands guide us, and his enormous arms embrace us, and he leads us into a blessed hope of restoration, perfection, and love. He provides every virtue, power, authority, and ability to be transformed - and live out the blessed hope for which we have been saved. He comforts us, blesses us, elects us, calls us, redeems us, justifies us, indwells in us, perfects us, keeps us, honors us, loves us, sanctifies us, provides peace to us, glorifies us, reveals the truth to us, supplies everyone need we have, he disciplines us, restores us, gathers us, and rewards us, just as he did and continues to do through his Son Jesus Christ. For as the firstborn of many, we have been made one with him, and in him, and no authority, principality, time, height, nor distance can separate us from Jesus Christ and God “The Father”. He provides for all of us, who has been called by his name, to attain an eternal inheritance that will never perish but shall exist from everlasting to everlasting. We as believers have become part of the great family of God.

We love you, dad.

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