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Sounds of My Writings: Holy Spirit Prays For Us

It amazes me to consider that in the inmost part of the Holy Spirits' thoughts, mind, and purpose, he has considered my life to be so important, that he takes the time to pray for me with words that utterly I can not understand.

Have you ever taken time out in your day to pray or intercede for someone because that person was weighing heavy in your heart? You love them, you care for them, you desire good for them, you think about them, or even cry for them? The nature of the Holy Spirit, is one, that his love for every believer overwhelms him to the point of painful tears. He quenches thirst, he guides in love, prepares in holiness, he speaks to those who need to be counseled, and he helps those in distress. For who can think of a person in this way, without being a person himself?

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