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Sounds of My Writings: How could Jesus (God) grow and develop in stature and wisdom?

When contemplating this question, I asked myself another question "How do you fit eternity into time?"

In the study and beauty of childbirth, it is awesome to see how the fingernails, the eyebrows, the hair strands, the eyes, and feet of a child no bigger than the size of a grain of rice is formed. So it is, that inside this small beautiful child there is a pulse, molecules, elements, atoms, and organelles all working together to form the complex system called the human body or being. This incredible miracle and its complex sinews were reinforced with many different elements and forces. So it is with "wisdom" and every evolving or developing system. Jesus as a child was birthed, all of God's nature, image, and likeness was embodied in a small vessel which, with time, would take on muscles, mastery, and divine form. It is said that "Wisdom is gained through experience, but knowledge is studied". Consider a muscle, each one of us is full of muscles, but unless used, trained, and formed properly it becomes flimsy. So it is with "wisdom", and every other gift and virtue endowed in Christ. Just consider, in order to reach full mastery and personification of such virtues each one of us faces, testing, trials, tribulation, knowledge, experiences, time, and understanding in order to attain results. So it is with development.

As a human body develops in stature, so does the unveiling of wisdom is attained in practice, experience, trials, tribulations, and time. "Faith without works is dead".

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