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Sounds of My Writings: Interpreting Suggestions

In the process of interpreting, discerning, and translating Holy Scripture it is imperative that we understand the importance of each of these three in the study of the Word of God. Throughout this mentoring program, we have learned that using authentic sources or resources will help accurately determine the literal precept which the scripture was written in. The more insight we have regarding the bases, origin, language, and history of the Scripture the more prepared we are to discern the literal context in which it applies, to who it applies to, and what it applies. Respecting various commentary resources does not weaken us as students of the Word, but strengthens us with the knowledge and understanding that different viewpoints and interpretations may render us in determining the accurate message of Holy Scripture.

PS: It is my contention that Commentaries are a vital resource in studying the Word, and should be written more frequently then Bible interpretations or translation. At least it removes the stigma and possible repercussions for mistreating and handling scripture. Just food for thought.

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