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Sounds of My Writings: Jesus our High Priest

How wonderful to know that we have a High Priest who continually intercedes for us, and defend us. Understanding the uniqueness of Christ's sympathy, and acknowledging his complete knowledge of our concerns, weaknesses, and trials are soothing to all who know him. He is not a God who is distant, absent, and to far to reach, but a God who clearly is close to our hearts and near to our circumstances. He is a High Priest who does not only present his prayers before the Father, but a Priest who has lived the trials, temptations, and pressures of life and who sympathizes and concerns himself with our victories. He doesn't practice the ritualistic principles of sacrifice, for he is the sacrifice, and his prayers for you and I are on the altar of God the Father. He is highly favored, and his name is above every name. He fights, he ministers, he intercedes, he prays, and he lifts up his holy, strong scarred hands and with power delivers and redeems his people. Jesus our High Priest.

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