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Sounds of My Writings: Lordship

It is very clear, that in scripture there was a messenger by the name of John (which in Hebrew means grace), it was prophesied about John, that he would be a forerunner of the anointed one (Messiah). His purpose as stated in scripture is to make straight the path, for the coming of our Savior. His message is clear "repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand". In order for individuals to recognize, and see the Kingdom at work through Christ, they must be spiritually circumcised. There must be an acknowledgment of sin, in order to be saved from sin. If sin (separation from God) is not recognized, then we fool ourselves to believe that we are closer to God than we really are.

The "Lordship Salvation" anomaly is a great title for something which is fundamentally clear in scripture, we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord (governor, ruler, king) so that we may be saved from the ruling power of sin. Repentance is a fundamental element in receiving salvation, and can not be substituted for reasoning, or dictation. For in everything that is alive - bears fruit, is animated, and is in motion. To say that faith without fruits is acceptable is like saying let's plant a tree but hope that nothing grows!!! There is life in everything God births, so if you claim to have faith, then the fruits of God's work is revealed. James said it best "tell me about your faith, and I will show you my work, for faith without work is dead". For faith, is hope in action!

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