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Sounds of My Writings: Milk, and Honey

Did they know that you will be found in the breast of a large and humble creature? Or in the comb of thousands upon thousands of artistically gifted flights as they worked with their feet and hands as though trampling upon treasure.

Who were those tiny armies who worked so hard to gather you and receive instruction from a mother who has the power of a queen? Or would they know that you were incubating and keeping warm so that they can drink from you, make soups, or even chew when aged so that they who kiss you with their lips will smile, and say cheese?

Your taste was absent from the lips of those who are precious in God’s sight, as they cried for help and rumbled in doubt in that desert prison. But it was said of you, that you would be found in a land where you will flow and be a sign of better things to come. They have forgotten your taste and can not even imagine your nourishment, and healing powers. Your taste is an invitation to a covenant full of sweetness, strength, and a better life in him who stands in the heights above. The life of those who had been scorched will know that you have the ability to heal their throats so that they can bring forth praise not yet found in their pain, and strengthen the bones of those who have been malnourished, crippled, and who could not stand.

You are the byproduct of hard work, from those who have been ordered to prepare their resources for those who are now weak. Drink me, swallow me, and know I’m more than just milk and honey found on a shelf. Before you purchase me or I’m sold value the truth of my promise.

I am a sign of God’s plan for your life when he is found.

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