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Sounds of My Writings: Mysticism in the Church Today?

On several occasions I have had the opportunity to witness and participate in "authentic" revival services that occurred right here in Brownsville Florida in the mid-1990s, and at a local church named "Upper Room Assembly of God" in Kendall, Florida. At first, these experiences were a bit astonishing and almost surreal. These public manifestations of the Holy Spirit, for those who were participants, were life-changing and authentically real. As one of the thousands of spectators, and a roughly new Christian (3 to 4 years in the Lord), I felt that the speaking in tongues, the falling on the floor, the foaming in the mouth, the goosebumps in the neck, the crying out to God, and the silence was all part of a big spectacle (or show).

Eventually, these experiences would literally become real, and my life would be completely changed. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit lead my life to repentance, love, trust, and fellowship to Christ, and eventually a new Creature (person) in the Lord. I am not one who is completely "sold out" for these public manifestations, but when they are authentic and God-inspired, I lay down my personal understanding and accept that the God (I AM), is the same yesterday, today, and forever and those supernatural manifestations of God are real but are not the reason or authoritative reason why we gather. Some of these experiences can unfortunately become the spectacle of services, and have been treated and used as a hoax by many denominations and movements of God (Charismatic Movement, Jimmy Jones, etc......) and have eventually misled thousands. So it is important to respect authentic movements of God through the Holy Spirit, but also not allow these experiences to become the center-point of your fellowship, commitment, and service to God.

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