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Sounds of My Writings: Salvation and Deliverance.

What a wonderful thought, that in the original Hebrew text the name "Jesus" is defined as "God Saves". Whenever we consider the question, "why are names so important in scripture?" We learn that culturally, and "biblically" God used names to reveal the purpose, destiny, character, and action of an individual or system. Names are very important in the context of scripture and should be taken at face value. God always has a tendency to change the names of individuals who are in transition (a Hebrew) with God.

In the context of this question, we learn that Jesus's name was divinely in line with his eternal purpose. Take for example the word "salvation", Jesus himself, according to the purpose of God, was to bring about a final act, for which humanity and its corrupt condition will be "delivered" or freed from the captivity or peril, of sin. It is an act of rescue. When considering the word "deliverance", this word is synonymous with removing the stronghold or restraint, of sin which limits man's potential to thrive in a loving relationship with God. In both God delivers and saves man from his moral depravity, and inability to live and choose righteously. These words and acts of "heroism" are one, in the same.

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