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Sounds of My Writings: Students of God's Word

As passionate students of the Word of God, there are resources but also viable techniques that should be applied to the study of the Word in order to avoid misapplication or misinterpretation of scripture. As we continue to work out our salvation with "fear and trembling", it is also important to know that God holds every individual who teaches the Word of God responsible for what they teach others. There are respectable techniques that can be found in the art of "hermeneutics" which will safeguard us from such folly, and which will help us deliver an inductive and objective interpretation of Holy Scripture.

In this art of study, we learn that "hermeneutics" teaches us that there is a strong ally between truth and reason. "Overstanding" or "overstating" scripture could be dangerous as we seek the quest of becoming mature teachers of God's Word. These "overstanding" or "overstatement" can involve warped biases or prejudices which will mislead the teacher as well as the student. But, respectfully "understanding" scripture allows us the opportunity to "stand under" scripture, reverence it, study it, humbly reason through the gaps found (cultural, linguistics, time, geography, etc) and give our readers, students, and any individual sound guidance to the truth that bears God's fruit.

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