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Sounds of My Writings: The Bible is Absolutely Beautiful

The insurmountable work of Kings, scholars, lawyers, theologians, priests, monks, scribes, translators, and others have amounted to millions of hours of labor and produced hundreds of translations of the Bible. The copulation of all this labor has become the framework of Bible history. Every effort exerted was important to the formation of what we call "The Bible" today. Removing or adding to all the efforts would undermine the credibility of what we call "Scriptural Truth". It is important to consider that the Bible is universally important to all cultures, and not necessarily exclusive to English. It is my contention, that the earliest "original" text of each testament or scrolls (Old Testament - Dead Sea Scrolls or Septuagint) and (New Testament - Codexes) are crucial in history. As languages change, cultures change, and time changes, the interpretation of each manuscript could have been "exclusively" influenced by the writers or translators. This brings us back to the importance of translation, interpretation, and inspiration. Focusing on the importance of the original text is vital to "truth".

Just a notation:

If the Septuagint was quoted by Jesus in the delivery of his message Luke 4:14-20, and used dozens of times in the Old and New Testaments by prophets, apostles, and even Christ himself I would think it all has validity).

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