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Sounds of my Writings: The Carpenter, and His Wood

I saw you from the heavens, and one day declared you were good. I put you in a garden and someone ate from you. You gave forth life and knowledge because within your vine there is the truth and a secret about man’s life. You produce fruit, you have the ability to heal and regenerate. You give shade to the tired and your roots are strong. Someday I will hold you in my hands and embrace your beauty.

When I came to you, you were discovered by many. You began to take form and submitted yourself to your crafters' hands. Can I touch you? I must be careful because you can become useful in many ways. Men sat on you, ate with you, rested their arms on you and you gave them medicine. But, the one who created you will someday hold you in his hands and gaze his eyes on you while you rested in his hands. You and He will become an eternal symbol, and the two shall lay in a bloody bed together. You will sustain his weight and he will hold you tightly.

Would you have ever known that He had a plan with you from the beginning? That he would be called a Carpenter and a Carpenter’s Son. Someday he promised that everyone who looked at you will remember his sacrifice and that he will again take on the work of a Carpenter to build each person a room who came to your feet.

We had a purpose together, did you ever know, a perfect Carpenter and his Wood.

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