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Sounds of my Writings: The Cloud

You have been given the privilege of standing above everyone and everything else. You have been given the authority to establish borders and see your dew upon the earth. Creatures with wings dance in your auditorium and preform for your enjoyment, and you give forth water for which all its inhabitants below depend on.

Lights come from your bosom as if it seems that you are trying to say something. Are you angry? Are you signaling a war? As you speed and run in a fast track to your destination. Men run, hide, and even tremble with fear at your innocence. You once dressed the Glory of God so that he can gaze upon his people to protect and guide them. He dressed himself with your white color as a virgin dresses herself with linen and spoke from within your chambers.

“This is my Son, whom I love and are well pleased. Listen to him and obey what he says” your creator echoed from your depths. And, how about that day when you formed a secret room so that Elohim himself can write the laws that would guide humanity to know his heart. You descended like a mist and soundproofed the secrets of six men when heaven and earth met. Oh, how I wish I could have seen and heard your discussions for myself and build a house or tent with the rest of them on that tall mountain.

You move with such grace and elegance, and at times take forms that only a painter and his brush can understand and appreciate. You are a sign of man’s eternal destiny and all have to look up to you and wait for that hopeful day. We would have to fly higher to touch you, as we someday will make our eternal bed within you. And then all things will be revealed in the secret place of your hidings.

I’m a cloud, draping a throne that was created just for you.

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