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Sounds of my Writings: The Day Mercy was Tested

For each offense, each lash of the whip, slap, spit, each betrayal, each rejection, and comment tested the mercy of him who is precious. He was man, but he was also God, and knowing that his inheritance would daily face these same darts from the enemy, he decided to subject himself to them by cringing on every turn. He knows his purpose, but yet knows that he is the only one who has been given the authority to avenge his mistreatment if He so desired.

One spoken word from his lips was all it could have taken, and judgment could have befallen all humanity. But, the fruit of love and self-control shielded his lips and his chest, which was already bruised with stripes produced by the most veil swing of man’s emotions.

Then came that hour when humanity would know its fate. When the Savior they rejected and despised, secretly knew what he was delaying when His Father looked upon the actions of men threatening his most precious gift. For they didn’t know that the one they were striking was God himself. The Father was vexed at his fallen now enemies but saddened at every bloody tear that flowed down the face of his beloved.

Echos streaming through the ear of the bruised, saying; “Son-just tell me now if you can’t anymore, and I will smoother the entire earth with my wrath. But, the Son raised his face at the marked spot and push forward without saying a word at every scream. Then the nails, for sure he would open his mouth and yell “enough”. For no man can endure that type of punishment knowing that death was his destiny. But he knew the time is ticking in the face of eternity when it shall all be tested, tick, tick, tick, toke.

“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do” was his yell. The moment Mercy was tested!

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