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Sounds of My Writings: The Dove

One of God's soaring beauties, created by God's own hand. It has the ability to fly high in the heavens and it's innocence reveals the unspotted absence of sin in a believer's life. This by all means is one of the functions of the Holy Spirit in a person's life to sanctify, purify, and make Holy to the day of our coming Savior. For known shall see God unless they are Holy. For the Holy Spirit, himself is the breath of God and comes from the very essence of his holiness that is why he is called "Holy".

Unwrinkled, for the touch of a Dove's feather, is like the soothing touch of those whose first love has not grown weary by the darts of the enemy nor by the pollution of sin in the earth. For even the sight of a dove is "pure" to the onlooker, and gentle in flight. For the Holy Spirit is a "gentleman" and he soothes the worries of life by his counsel.

For Christ suffered, died, and was buried (sacrificed) in order to shed the blood necessary for the forgiveness of Sin. And as he resurrected he ascended to the highest heaven to send he "The Holy Spirit" to comfort and counsel you. For even the dove reflects the nature of Christ and the Holy Spirit that he would share similar characteristics in the act of sacrifice.

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