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Sounds of My Writings: The Exegetical Principle

The Exegetical Principle is vital to the understanding of all Scripture as a whole. As a student and teacher of the Word of God, it is important to humble one's own prejudices, philosophies, presumptions, fantasies, and/or personal views and avoids this error, when studying and teaching the Word of God. Understanding God's sovereignty and the infallible characteristic of the Word of God is vital in teaching truth (gospel) rather than opinion or spiritual "Ad hominem".

The Word of God states that the "Word is Spirit." Understanding the spiritual significance in God's Word from simply a physical point of view without taking into consideration its spiritual significance could have some eternal repercussions called "deception", or limitations that can veil deeper truths and revelations of God's message to you or to God's people.

We understand that our experiences, academic studies or opinions can have influence as to how we view and teach God's Word, but all of these must take residence that God's Word is Sovereign, final and perfect. For even John the Apostle also known as the "Beloved" in his great experience, labor and quest to know Jesus Christ was chosen to share the mysteries and secrets of the Book of Revelations (apocalypse = revelation) which clearly revealed his growing knowledge of the Savior, his purpose and his reign. How could such a man with limited knowledge of the future be entrusted to share some of the most profound prophetic revelations awaiting God's people centuries after the resurrection of Christ? Let's reverence God's Word and let it teach us, instruct us, correct us, and speak to us. For the Word of God "is a double-edged sword" and it will help us all to understand that we are not owners of God's Word but Stewards of God's Word!

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