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Sounds of my Writings: The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle you and I will ever experience in heaven and earth is the “salvation of a soul”. When a sinner has been washed in the precious blood of Christ, and all their sins have been forgiven and forgotten. When a newness of heart arises, and the thoughts and senses of man have been transformed by the power of God’s hand. When his everlasting love permeates our nature so that we could love others the way he loves us.

Like the breath of God entering Adam’s nostrils, so God wants to breathe his eternal life (spirit-ruah) into you and I. To abide in this human vessel making us holy and righteous forever.

Will you surrender your hurts, pain, sins, and past to receive the newness of life through Christ? He is able to take your mess, and give birth to a new man with a new purpose and new beginning.

John 3

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