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Sounds of My Writings: The Hypostatic Union of Christ

It is challenging to understand that total perfection can be found in a human being (Jesus Christ) from the scope of human intellect. For our sphere of understanding and articulating miracles, divinity, and even God is limited and requires faith, and the mind of Christ (Spirit) to achieve. Death-defying miracles, walking on water, changing water into wine, feeding five thousand with a few pieces of bread and fish is a clear manifestation of the supernatural, and even science lags behind in attempting to understand it. But, Jesus Christ was not only human but also divine, all-powerful in his Godly nature. To help understand this complicated phenomenon I will try to use a simple analogy even used in "Hollywood", a supernatural man, with a costume (flesh), with supernatural powers, with a divine purpose, tempted but sinless in nature = "Jesus Christ" my superhero. LOL

Perfect in the image, perfect in the likeness (nature), perfect in spirit, perfect in action, and perfect in power.

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